Our Aspiration is to Transform the Biopharmaceutical Landscape by Enabling Best-in-class Targeted Oral Biologics and Mucosal Immunology Therapeutics.

Applied Molecular Transport is advancing its pipeline of targeted oral biological therapeutics to treat autoimmune, inflammation and other diseases, including those associated with metabolic and hepatologic disorders. Our overriding patient-centric goal is to open new biological possibilities based on novel strategies to interrogate mucosal immunology that enhance therapeutic outcomes and improve drug safety profiles.

Our core transport platform technology, TRANSINT™, enables the trafficking of peptides and proteins across epithelial barriers (with a focus on the intestinal epithelium) as well as receptor-mediated, targeted presentation of therapeutic payloads to cells of the immune system for immune-suppressive or immune-stimulatory activity.

By eliminating the need for injections, our therapeutic products provide additional treatment outcome benefits from improved patient convenience and drug regimen adherence. We are building integrated capabilities and a world-class organization that is passionate, savvy and experienced in the science, engineering and business of biopharmaceutical development.