Portfolio Strategy

Tier 1:

Well Established Targets Validated by Marketed or Clinical Therapeutics

Tier 2:

Known, GI-Associated Targets That Require New Approaches to Access Effectively and Safely

Tier 3:

Novel GI Biology Pathways, Target Discovery and Validation

These market opportunities range from orphan and rare indications to those with multi-billion dollar markets. We are strategically approaching these indications in order to reach patients who will clearly benefit from oral and targeted versions of such biopharmaceutical products that can drive our programs to rapid clinical validation.

Creating True Value to Healthcare Through Oral Biopharmaceuticals

Enhanced Therapeutic

  • Immunology & Inflammation

    Direct access to submucosal GI target biology;
    access local and systemic targets

  • Hepatologic & Metabolic Diseases

    Oral route could provide pharmacological benefits akin to non-pathological state

More Effective Chronic Disease Management & Cost of Care

  • Increased Compliance & Convenience

    • Non-invasive and painless
    • Oral medications have higher patient compliance rates than injectables, which could lead to reduced doctor visits and hospitalization rates
    • Improved compliance lowers hospitalization rates
  • Lower Cost of Care

    • We believe our oral biologics have the potential to displace injectable usage targeted to their disease indications
    • Benefits from interval-based dosing vs sustained release
    • We strive to be the preferred choice/tier in formularies

Biologic Life Cycle & Market Extension

  • Multi-$B biologics franchises are losing patent protection and facing increased competition
  • Differentiation for, or against, biosimilars (‘biobetters’)
  • High potential for market expansion due to preference for pills vs. injections