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Our platform technology is poised to transform major segments of the $127 billion per year injectable biological therapeutics market.

Of this overall market, our technology is immediately and directly applicable to:

  • Autoimmune diseases and inflammation -- will soon be a $75 billion pharmaceutical market, including local GI (e.g., ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease) and systemic indications (e.g., lupus, rheumatoid arthritis) mediated by immune-disregulation along intestinal tissue.
  • Metabolic diseases -- collectively, the global diabetes and endocrine-metabolic disease therapeutics market size is expected to reach $55 billion by 2018, a staggering sum driven by life style changes in developed as well as emerging economic regions, where the high incidence of diabetes and correlated disease is implicated in almost one third of all deaths in some countries, and can account for up to 40% of the entire health expenditure of a country.

We continue to explore opportunities and collaborate with partners in other therapeutic areas, such as chronic cardiovascular indications and immuno-oncology (for targeted presentation of tumor antigens to antigen presentation cells/dendritic cells in vivo), as well as for the local and/or intracellular delivery of nucleic acid therapeutics (e.g., siRNA, mRNA, antisense) to target cells.

These market opportunities range from orphan and rare indications to those with 'blockbuster' potential, and we are strategically approaching these indications in order to reach patients who will clearly benefit from oral and targeted versions of such biopharmaceutical products and to drive our programs to rapid clinical validation.