Portfolio Strategy

Tier 1: Established Targets

Clinically validated targets and molecules; converting parenterals to oral dosage forms

  1. Oral delivery of proteins and peptides
  2. Changing the medicinal paradigm in chronic diseases that require frequent injections

Tier 2: Promising Local GI-associated Targets

Targets known; require new tools for intracellular or sub-GI access

  1. Submucosal targeting of biotherapeutics to promising known local GI targets with either local or systemic activity

Tier 3: Novel targets and in vivo T-cell activation against tumor antigens

Putative targets, mechansisms

  1. Targeted GI access to novel GI submucosal immunology targets (e.g., Tregs)
  2. Unlocks new targets with local or systemic activity
  3. Drives enogenous T cell activation in vivo – cancer immunotherapy

These market opportunities range from orphan and rare indications to those with ‘blockbuster’ potential. We are strategically approaching these indications in order to reach patients who will clearly benefit from oral and targeted versions of such biopharmaceutical products that can drive our programs to rapid clinical validation.