Creating Innovative Therapeutic Solutions

We are focused on developing novel oral medicines to treat autoimmune/inflammatory, gastrointestinal (GI) and metabolic diseases.


Our deep understanding of epithelial biology and cell trafficking, combined with our expertise in biologic manufacturing and formulation, leads to a wealth of novel product opportunities for patients across indications and therapeutic areas.

Our technology platform is based on natural active transport systems of intestinal epithelial tissue that grant privileged access to rich biological targets in the gastrointestinal tract or distal sites in the body via systemic circulation, where a broader attack may be more impactful. AMT’s products are focused on specifically targeting diseased tissue, leading to maximal efficacy with improved safety, in a patient-friendly oral format. Our lead products (AMT-101 and AMT-126) are directly targeted to immune-rich intestinal tissue (lamina propria) to treat inflammatory and other diseases of the intestine, as well as a variety of systemic inflammatory indications beyond the GI tract.

In addition to our lead programs, our technology platform is fueling a growing pipeline of innovative new therapeutic candidates that are designed to be highly differentiated, focusing on biological impact across multiple therapeutic areas.

Changing the Paradigm for Biologics

Our passion is to improve patients’ lives with innovative products based on a deep understanding of the disease and target biology, creating optimal, differentiated therapies in areas of clear unmet need.