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Harnessing Mucosal Immunology to Create the Next Generation of Biopharmaceuticals

Applied Molecular Therapeutics is committed to developing novel, oral biological therapeutics to treat severe autoimmune, metabolic and inflammatory diseases. To achieve this, the company is leveraging its propriety technology platforms to create GI-select therapeutics that harness naturally occurring transport and targeting mechanisms to cross the protective barrier of the intestinal epithelium (IE). Once across the IE, the therapeutics gain privileged access to the immune system, creating the potential for therapeutics payloads to act directly at the point of origin of immune dysregulation and restore immune homeostasis. 

With privileged access to the immune system, AMT seeks to address disease at its point of origin.

Approximately 75 percent of the immune system resides in the GI tract.

Additionally, by crossing the protective IE, AMT has discovered a way to gain privileged access to the hepatic portal system and downstream systemic circulation, opening the door to treating liver and metabolic diseases and other conditions. With this privileged access, AMT’s goal is to develop transformative new therapeutic treatment options that offer patients greater efficacy and tolerability than available with today’s therapeutics.    

Changing the Paradigm for GI-Selective Biologics with Transformative Biologics

Privileged access to the immune system and hepatic portal targets sets the stage for AMT to change the paradigm for therapeutic strategies across multiple disease areas.  With this privileged access, AMT has created the potential to address diseases at their point of origin with transformative biologics that are differentiated from what is currently available.

Changing Paradigm