Changing the Paradigm for Biologics

Venn diagram of intersection of Immunology, Endocrinology, and Neurology

Our deep understanding of epithelial biology and cell trafficking, combined with our expertise in biologic manufacturing and formulation, leads to a wealth of novel product opportunities for patients across indications and therapeutic areas.

Our technology platform is based on natural active transport systems of intestinal epithelial tissue that grant privileged access to rich biological targets in the gastrointestinal tract or distal sites in the body via systemic circulation, where a broader attack may be more impactful.

Our Five Core Values

At AMT, we commit to patient care by innovating with intention, fostering collaboration, stretching for growth, and always acting with integrity.

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Commit to Patient Care

We care deeply about our mission and work diligently to improve patient care. We listen to our patients and providers, advocating for their needs. Recognizing that transforming biologics is a long road, we are persistent in our effort to bring our medicines to patients in need. We are undeterred by challenges or roadblocks. With resilience and deep empathy, we improve patients’ lives.

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Innovate with Intention

We innovate with intention. We seek to develop breakthrough medicines by looking at the science and questioning assumptions. We aren’t afraid to take appropriate risks and test our hypotheses. When new inputs or failures change the equation, we flex and adapt, learning along the way. We are scientifically driven, creative thinkers – determined to alter the future of healthcare.

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Foster Collaboration

Creating the next age of medicine requires us all. We celebrate our diversity – of backgrounds and expertise – it enables stronger ideas and strengthens our community. We foster an inclusive environment by listening and communicating thoughtfully. By encouraging each voice and staying open, we draw new connections and then put ideas into action. No matter the challenge, we deliver as a team.

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Stretch for Growth

To develop a pipeline of life-changing products, we must develop our people. So at every level of AMT, we stretch for opportunities to grow. We are each empowered to own our careers and be proactive with our work. When we have an idea, we run with it, knowing our team will be there to support us, build on our ideas, and provide feedback. We offer guidance and mentorship – it is how we develop the next generation of leaders.

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Act with Integrity

Actions matter, so we all lead by example – striving to do the right thing, then the right way. We are accountable to our patients, to our shareholders, to our community, and to each other. We foster trust by sharing the “why” behind out decisions and admitting when we don’t have the answer. We are direct, honest, and always respectful. When we lead with integrity, we move forward, together.


Shawn Cross

Chief Executive Officer & Board Chair

Charlene Banard

Board Director

Tahir Mahmood, PhD

Board Director

Holly Schachner, MD

Lead Independent Board Director

John W. Smither

Board Director

Brandon Hants

Chief Financial Officer

Aaron VanDevender, PhD

Board Director