AMT-126 is a novel, GI-selective, investigational oral fusion of human interleukin-22 (hIL-22), in development for diseases related to defects of the intestinal epithelium barrier.

Similar to our other pipeline molecules, AMT-126 has been designed to harness the power of natural biologic transport mechanisms within the intestinal tract, allowing it to cross the intestinal epithelial barrier and interact directly with IL-22 receptors at the basolateral surface of epithelial barrier cells. This is precisely the site of action for IL-22 to exert its activity to repair the barrier defects.

AMT-126 molecule

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AMT has completed a Phase 1a trial. Preclinical data with AMT-126 demonstrated its activity in reducing intestinal inflammation, enhancing epithelial integrity, and repairing the epithelial barrier.

AMT-126 has the potential to be developed for a wide array of diseases where defects in the barrier have been implicated, such as inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, and graft-versus-host disease, among others.