Technology Platform

Privileged Access to Treat Disease at its Origin by Crossing Epithelial Barriers

Applied Molecular Transport’s lead propriety platform technology harnesses the power of natural biologic transport mechanisms to provide for safe, efficient delivery of oral, biological therapeutic payloads across the protective barrier to the intestinal epithelium into the immune cell-rich environment of the GI tract tissue, or to downstream hepatic portal targets.

The GI tract is the epicenter of the immune system for engaging mucosal immunology pathways to correct dysregulation.

AMT’s uniquely formulated, stable biological molecules transit through the intestinal lumen until contact with the epithelial surface. Upon translocation across the GI epithelia, the constructs selectively present therapeutic payloads to targets within the local intestinal submucosal/gut-associated lymphatic tissue or for release into the hepatic-portal system and downstream systemic circulation. This route of administration provides privileged access to the vast immune biology located along the GI tract as well as key hepatic-portal targets in metabolic indications such as diabetes and obesity, and liver fibrosis.

The company’s microbe-inspired protein scaffolding, cellular translocation and guiding platform provides the potential for the next-generation of biopharmaceuticals with superior pharmacological properties, precision, localized targeting and enhanced safety profiles.

Applied Molecular Transport - Mechanism of Action