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Learn More About AMT’s Proprietary Carrier Technology

Our proprietary technology platform solves the fundamental biological challenge of efficiently and safely trafficking biomolecules such as proteins, antibodies, peptides, and RNA therapeutics across the body’s protective epithelial barriers.

Core to our technology strategy is the integration of therapeutic biopharmaceuticals and microbially-inspired proteins that transit across the intestinal epithelial barrier using natural active, receptor-mediated processes.

Upon ingestion, our uniquely formulated oral biological therapeutics are engineered to stably transit the intestinal tract for translocation across the epithelial barrier. Our therapeutics are designed to either interact with cells or other targets in the local intestinal tissue or to be released into the bloodstream for systemic distribution. In order to rapidly advance our multi-product oral biologics pipeline, we have built an internal GMP manufacturing facility for efficient clinical material supply.

Advantages of the AMT Technology Platform

Active vesicular transport vs passive diffusion 

  • Transport of large biologic therapeutics
  • Significantly higher transport efficiency than passive diffusion
  • Rapid uptake at luminal surface and release in GI tissue

Wide array of modalities yields many product opportunities

  • Technology platform is applicable to proteins including antibodies, peptides, and RNA therapeutics
  • Leverages known or validated biologic therapeutics incorporating AMT technology 

Optimally targets biological therapeutics to the site of disease

  • Localization of the product to the GI tissue to directly treat local disease
  • The technology also allows the therapeutic to be directed for systemic distribution

Our technology platform is applicable to full-length proteins, peptides, full-length antibodies, antibody fragments, RNA therapeutics, and other molecular modalities.

AMT Carrier

AMT Platform Technology

GI tissue selective

  • Localized to lamina propria
  • Enhanced efficacy from direct access to target cells
  • Improved safety due to minimal drug in blood

Systemic distribution

  • Passes through GI tissue to the bloodstream
  • Native, unmodified products
  • Efficacy similar to injectables
  • Improved safety with daily oral dosing