Therapeutic Value

Creating True Value to Healthcare Through Oral Biopharmaceuticals

Enhanced Therapeutic Efficacy

  • Immunology & Inflammation

    Direct access to submucosal GI target biology;
    access local and systemic targets

  • Hepatologic & Metabolic Diseases

    Oral route could provide pharmacological benefits akin to non-pathological state

More Effective Chronic Disease Management & Cost of Care

  • Increased Compliance & Convenience

    • Non-invasive and painless
    • Reduced visits to Doctors’ offices
    • Improved compliance lowers hospitalization rates
  • Lower Cost of Care

    • Disrupts entire needle/syringe device manufacturing and disposal chain
    • Benefits from interval-based dosing vs sustained release
    • Preferred choice/tier in formularies
    • Relevant to emerging healthcare markets

Biologic Life Cycle & Market Extension

  • Multi-$B biologics franchises are losing patent protection and facing increased competition
  • Differentiation for, or against, biosimilars (‘biobetters’)
  • High potential for market expansion due to preference for pills vs. injections